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My name is Fayrouz. As soon as I entered Greece, I was subjected to racism and exclusion from the first moments because of so many reasons. One of them is that I came from a country that shows a clean face to the world and most believe that, but its system cuts off women’s rights from the roots. The painful thing is that here in Greece as a European country that believes in rights, unfortunately refugee women’s rights were denied and excluded, and this shows when I asked for international protection and told my story to those responsible for seeking asylum, I get refused; it's like they told me that I'm lying and I feel that I'm not welcome here, but I did not surrender and I fought hard to prove that I deserve to live as any free woman who has ambitions and goals, and despite that am still subjected to racism, and I still find it difficult to reach my rights as a human being and as a refugee. But I will never give up. Regardless of gender or sex... we are all human and we deserve to live as must be.